"A great way to pass the time on my business 

trips while on the airplane."

-Anthony Timen- Tiger Construction

"I cannot believe how someone could take two 6 sided dice, form a chart, and make such an awesome football game out of it! I’ve been looking for a game I could play by myself for a long time, I hate madden, any other football video game feels predetermined. This game keeps you guessing and strategizing, great job! I NEVER leave reviews but I just wanted to let you know how awesome the game is, VERY well done!"

-Tim H. 

"I played the entire 49ers season with Pocket Dice Football and I won the Super Bowl trophy."

-Mario Pimentel-  Mario Vacations Travel Service

I bought a copy of the original football and baseball games in 1969 and had literally hundreds of hours of enjoyment letting them both with my very best friend passed away about 20 years ago. These games mean the world to me because it would remind me of my very best friend in the times that we spent together. I have just purchased your baseball football and basketball games and will purchase the hockey game as soon as it comes out. I very much look forward to playing more games. Thanks in advance or replying to my chat.

-Steve M.

"I won! I scored the game winning touchdown on the final play of the game, Patriots 30, Chiefs 26! Next up, Patriots vs. Raiders!"

-Art Silver-Sports Illustrated


"A wonderful game.  I was set up for a game winning field goal except it was blocked! I should have went for it.  My wife really enjoys it too."

-Norman Jones -Publisher Football Digest


"It's the best dice football game ever! I played an entire NFL season and my team 

made it to the Super Bowl. My kids love playing the game"

-Art Cohen- Columnist Press Democrat


"It's realistic, easy to play. I was surprised how easy was to beat my husband and I can't wait to beat him again!"

-Moriah Evans, Dental Hygienist

"I was so surprised how random my games were, after blowing out the Dolphins, I won the Bills by 2 points.  Go Seahawks!"

-Frank Deford, Sports