Free Sample.
Can you score a touchdown?

Here below is a sample game sheet.  We have blurred out the entire game so you can sample an just the basic offensive drive using the "Run Dive", "Short Pass", "Special Teams" and "Field Goal" attempts. 

How to play:

1. flip a coin to see who kicks off and who will receive the kick.

2. Roll your dice to kick off. You will need two colored dice so you can determine which dice would represent the red number and for black. Example, my roll is 4 (red dice), 5 (black dice) means the kick is 68 yard kick off. The kick launches from the 30 yard line. 68 plus 30, minus 100 equals the ball received at the 2 yardline.

3. Roll for kick return yardage. My roll is 5 (red), 3 (Black), equals a 26 yard return. The offense begins its drive at their own 28 yard line. 1st down and 10.

4. Call a play, either "Run Dive" or "Short Pass".  Look up the results like we did on the kick off and keep track of your own yard line and downs. Good luck!

Hint: If your result is the green box with a "+" this means you broke a tackle and you can tack on yardage. You have the option to decline the broken tackle due to the risk of losing yardage or fumble. We do recommend breaking the tackle for a long gain! The strategy is yours how you want to call the game.

The full version game includes everything you see in the bottom image. 

Game pieces included.

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