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All new package designs!
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Upgraded parts, now keep track of balls, strikes and outs on the field!

Award winning Action Dice Game- Action Dice Baseball! Fun Game - Portable, Playing Dice : Perfect For Tailgating at Games, Travel, Home, Parties, Gifts, Stocking Suffers and More!  

Action Sports Games, Pocket sports dice games, Be the coach, call the plays
  • Instant excitement. Easy-to-play pocket size. Lightning-quick, baseball action in a fast-paced dice game based on America's #1 past time, baseball!

  • Action Dice Baseball is a head-to-head dice game that can be played individually, or two players.

  • This dice strategy game can take you 9 innings! Steal bases, errors, home runs and more.

  • It's fast, easy to learn and you call the plays. 

  • Perfect for tailgating at games, at the home or in your office, or while traveling on airplanes -- play it anywhere!

  • Results in the MLB can happen in this game.

  • Get a hit, roll the dice and instantly see the results!

  • Great for kids 8 and up, and easy to play. An excellent game for the whole family.

"I won! I scored in the bottom of the 9th inning on a two run double to win this game!"

-Sports publisher

Game Includes:
  • Pair of Dice
  • Baseball diamond
  • 3 base runners
  • Result Card
  • Resealable bag.
  • Score Sheets
  • Pencil
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Keys to the Game​:
  • Pocket Size
  • Learn in Minutes
  • Infield/outfield hits
  • 1 or 2 Players
  • Ages 8+ and up
  • Action Result Card.

"I was so surprised how fun the base running is. I love the double steal.  Lots of fun from a pocket size game."

-Frank Deford, Sports

STAY TUNED! More games in the works!