Dear Sports Fans,

Sports has always been a passion of mine just like yours.  Invented back in 1969 that sold over 15,000 copies. We decided to update the football game and add other sports to our collection for all sports fans to enjoy.  This time we are doing 4 games total. Action Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.  My father and I have worked hard on key statistics and realistic results based on your play calls and the luck of the dice.  


A unique feature of my game is its size (wallet size). With two small dice which are used to duplicate that element of chance which actually exists in sports, and a small folded instruction chart, you can reproduce all the action of a true-to-life sports games. You can take it anywhere with you....wherever you go.  So here it is, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  
What's unique about Action Dice Games, is that it's pocket size, yet is even more dynamic and realistic than its larger board game counterparts.  Action Football takes about 2 minutes to learn how to play! These games are 1-2 Player. We recommend ages 8+.

Action Dice Games come with a folding results card w/ instructions , folding ball field, 1 pair of Action Dice, score/time sheets, pencil, game marker used as a field marker and special components for each unique game.

You are the coach, you call the plays!  Action Dice Games are so easy to play.  The game pouch is resealable so all the pieces stay together.  


Whether you're a rookie or a pro, anyone can call the plays that will result in winning or losing.

Keys to our game:


  • Action Dice Games are FAST to learn, FAST results and EASY to play for anyone.

  • You do not need to know a lot about sports, anyone can PLAY!

  • It's SMALL, pocket size to take with you anywhere.

  • Get the RESULTS to your play call in seconds.

  • Guaranteed instant FUN or your money back!

Action Dice Games, Football, Baseball and Basketball are now released, stay tuned for updates on this website.  Action Dice Hockey will release on August 1st.

Now grab a game, hit your HOME RUNS, SLAM DUNKS and long bomb TOUCHDOWNS and SLAP SHOT Goals! Throw the dice and score with Action Dice Games!

Collect all 4 Games!

Roll the dice and try your luck!

Now click on the game of your choice to the right!

-Action Dice Team



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