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Double tap your game

Award winning Action Dice Games! Super Fun Game - Portable, Playing Dice : Perfect For Tailgating at Games, Travel, Home, Parties, Gifts, Stocking Suffers and More!  

  • Instant excitement. Easy-to-play pocket size. Lightning-quick, sports action in a fast-paced dice game based on America's #1 sports!

  • Action Dice Games are head-to-head dice games that can be played individually, or two players.

  • It's fast, easy to learn and you call the plays. 

  • Perfect for tailgating at games, at the home or in your office, or while traveling on airplanes -- play it anywhere!

  • Any result in the pros can happen in these games.

  • Call your play, roll the dice and instantly see the results!

  • Great for kids 8 and up, and easy to play. An excellent game for the whole family.

Keys to the Game​:
  • Pocket Size
  • Learn in Minutes
  • You Call the Plays
  • 1 or 2 Players
  • Ages 8+ and up
  • Each pack is ready for play!
  1. Instant Results!
  2. Learn in Minutes
  3. You Call the Plays
  4. 1 or 2 Players
  5. Ages 8+ and up
  6. Modeled after the Pro Game!

STAY TUNED! More games in the works!

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